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La Samanna in Anguilla

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We’ve thought of bringing you closer to the beauty of the Caribbean as we enrich our Resorts section with the Stunning La Samanna. Part of Orient-Express, La Samanna is located in the southern part of French Terres Basses, aside an extension of the Cupecoy – the Baie Longue -, on the gorgeous Caribbean Island of St. Martin, in Anguilla.

If you choose to get to St. Martin by plane and land on the Princess Juliana International Airport, note that La Samanna is roughly 10 minutes away. The resort comprises a total of 8 exquisite villas and 83 stunning guestrooms on the idyllic shores of St. Martin. During your stay, the only things surrounding you, except the unlimited sea, are the gorgeous palms and a few cloudy dots on the sky.

Both the villas and rooms are extremely elegant, we may just call them superb. They boast nice mixtures of styles, from modern to country and colonial. The local restaurant La Réservé is an open-air dining area which implements French cooking techniques into the vibrant tastes of the island. The La Cave is the place to go next, where you’re able to enjoy the finest Caribbean rum. Only a few sips and here you are, pirate!

Furthermore, if you choose not to sunbathe on the pristine white beach, the warm waters of the two local pools await. A bit closer to the water’s edge, the infinity pool is the best place to enjoy a typically tasty Caribbean cocktail. As for the sea, it can provide all sorts of activities, like kayaking, snorkeling, diving, fishing or even yacht cruising. If your single will is to sit back and relax, hop on your private sundowner atop the roof of your villa and get some well deserved rest. Nightly rates start at $379.


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