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De Tomaso Makes a Bold Comeback with the Astonishing P72 Supercar

By Vlad Craciun


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The legendary Italian carmaker De Tomaso is back from the dead and its brand new P72 supercar is here to make a bang. Limited to only 72 units, the ravishing De Tomaso P72 was recently unveiled at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. The new supercar draws inspiration from the aborted P70 and brings back the ’60s in style, combining them with the high end technology and luxuries of today.

The P72 comes with a drool inducing body, built on an all carbon fiber chassis, with fluid lines and sexy curves, in a design influenced by the failed collaboration between Carroll Shelby and De Tomaso founder back in 1964, which should have ended up with the creation of the P70. Better late than never, right?

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We don’t have any performance specs or detailed information about the powertrain on this supercar, but De Tomaso’s P72 looks absolutely incredible inside-out and that’s more than enough for now.

The interior of the P72 boasts quilted leather and carbon fiber accents and a superb looking baroque gold display panel decorated with back lit gauges that make for a stunning show. While there are no details about the specs of the car, all that we know is it will have a ‘proper’ manual transmission.

The retro-futuristic De Tomaso P72 will be produced in just 72 units and each one of them is expected to cost around $841,000.

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