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Amazing Boeing 777 Wheel Coffee Table

By Adrian Prisca


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Since I’m a huge car addict, I’ve always had a thing for coffee tables with stylish wheels, but I’ve never expected to see one built using an authentic airplane wheel. This stylish coffee table is pushing the limits of creativity blending glass with a hand polished Boeing 777 wheel.

The finished product is just… jaw dropping and it’s close to a work of art. Designed by a company called Fallen Furniture, the Boeing 777 wheel coffee table is only a one-off product right now, that took over 150 hours to complete. Probably most of the time has been spent polishing and finishing the wheel to look this great.

The transparent glass tabletop placed above makes the airplane wheel stand out even more and everyone could gawk at every detail of this polished beauty, from every angle as well. We don’t know how much it costs, but you can head over to Fallen Furniture and just contact them for a quote. Good luck!


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