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10 Luxury Magazines For The Rich And Famous

By Vlad Craciun


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The digital age is conquering everything, including the once ubiquitous print magazines and publications. In trying to keep up with the latest technologies, publishers across the world move in unison with their audience, and that means more to the digital space of high tech and uber connected devices and gadgets and less to physical world of print publishing.

Although that’s not a bad thing, there are still some people out there who value high quality prints and that feeling of holding a premium magazine in their hands, a sensory experience that no smartphone or tablet can ever replace, no matter how high end they are. As you might expect it, most of these people are the rich and famous, the ones who can afford to always focus on quality rather than quantity. And that’s everything lifestyle publishers and luxury brands out there want to hear.

That doesn’t mean that the print versions exclude the digital, on the contrary, the publishers offer both options but no matter the medium, sophisticated luxury lifestyle magazines are what the wealthy read on a daily basis.

We already know that Luxatic.com is one of the world’s most popular online luxury magazines, but we were still curious to find out what are the top choices of the rich and famous, when they’re on vacation on their private islands and mega yachts, or flying around the world in their private jets. So here are our best picks, 10 Luxury Magazines for The Rich and Famous:

10. The Wealth Collection Magazine

the Wealth Collection

Published two times per year and reaching a readership of around 41,000, the UK based Wealth Collection Magazine addresses mostly private clients, celebrities and executives, the top earning and high net worth individuals of the world’s wealthiest community.

Besides the magazine’s obvious luxury lifestyle tips, it also provides some guidelines on personal finance, major purchases and investments, making for an extensive mentor on everything concerning risks and rewards on owning and managing a personal wealth.

9. Bespoke Magazine

Bespoke Magazine

Bespoke Magazine is a Middle Eastern focused magazine published in the English language that aims to a readership of high net worth individuals from the Arab world and beyond. The content is obviously focused on luxury but with a twist, as the magazine directs towards the Arab traditions, featuring everything that speaks of and represents the Arab values.

While the magazine is distributed in regular points of sale, it never misses from five star hotels, private jets, VIP lounges and airport terminals, luxury yachts and important events where Bespoke participates as a media partner. On top of that, Bespoke’s direct mailing list includes a global database of VIP’s, some of them the top earning individuals belonging to the Arab world.

8. Sur la Terre Magazine

Sur la Terre Magazine

Sur la Terre International is a Swiss chain of lifestyle magazines, present in several of the world’s major destinations, such as London, Dubai, Monte Carlo, Kuala Lumpur, Moscow, Zurich and some of the most exquisite luxury resorts like Saint-Tropez, Corsica or Courchevel.

The seasonal magazines feature in their pages only the most unique and revolutionary products and services, innovative technologies and radical creations of the world’s most renowned artists and creatives. Sur la Terre is only available in luxury hotels and car showrooms, private airlines and select clubs, important art galleries or through paid subscription. It’s a magazine focused on rarity in both it’s subjects and itself.

7. Afar Magazine

Afar Magazine

With a focus on inspiring authentic travel experiences and offering genuine insights about some of the world’s most exquisite travel destinations, the Afar Magazine appeals to a niche of travelers who have not only the desire but as well the financial means to engage in some of the most luxurious experiences this world has to offer.

Afar Magazine targets a sophisticated and wealthy audience and is issued bi-monthly, with a total readership that easily exceeds 250,000.

6. Global Living Magazine

Global Living Magazine

Defining itself as the magazine for expats worldwide, Global Living Magazine offers an in-depth perspective on what it means to live a life of luxury abroad. Their articles focus on the richest people and topics such as living and working in destinations around the world, traveling and businesses, culture shock and adaptation, world-class destinations and more.

The magazine is published bi-monthly and it’s a window into the lives of those privileged few who lead some of the best global lives one could imagine. Global Living Magazine has an audience that is sophisticated, international, savvy, with many of its readers already living the life that the magazine praises.

5. Portfolio Magazine

Portfolio Magazine

A new player on the luxury lifestyle digital playground is 2017’s established Portfolio Magazine. With a focus on the Asian world of both the old and the tech savvy young generations of professionals and business owners, Portfolio Magazine aims at a broad audience of affluent individuals who consume luxury lifestyle and business content.

While its digital version is new, they also have a well established traditional print publication, which comes out monthly. Featuring engaging stories and well realized photographs, the magazine is perfect for those who’re into a quality print with a minimalist and elegant aesthetic.

4. Town and Country Magazine

Town and Country Magazine

Town and Country aspires to be the master of all luxury and modern lifestyle magazines, following and documenting the lives of the one percent, the elite American individuals such as artists and athletes, entrepreneurs, investors and financiers and how they shape the world we live in.

In addition to extraordinary individuals, Town and Country also features exclusive destinations and places, the lives of rich kids and elite education, fashion and fine jewelry and accessories, outstanding cars, luxury travel and the demanding lifestyle of the rich and famous.

3. Prestige Magazine

Prestige Magazine

Created exclusively for the Asian community, with local versions for Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan, Prestige Magazine offers its readers insights into the luxury lifestyles of the local high net worth community.

They feature articles and photography on subjects such as local business moguls, luxury travel, high society entertainment, fashion and high tech gadgets but also international news on similar subjects. Prestige Magazine offers both a digital and a print version, the latter available to the specific region, with over 10,000 paid subscribers.

2. Elite Traveler Magazine

Elite Traveler Magazine

Marketing itself as the private jet lifestyle magazine, the Elite Traveler Magazine targets a more specific audience, the elite of the wealthy. They claim that their readers have a net worth of over $10 million and an average income of $5.3 million. And who can contradict them, when 90% of their distribution is on private jets and first class airline lounges?

Elite Traveler Magazine strives to provide its affluent and discerning readers with the most relevant and exclusive content regarding automotive, travel, watches, fashion, jewellery, and not only that but it targets them right where they have the time to read and relax: on their huge yachts and private jets.

1. Robb Report Magazine

Robb Report Magazine

Robb Report is one of the most read luxury lifestyle magazines on the planet, with a history spanning to almost 50 years. An authority in the field and with a very strong readership that consists of mostly ultra high net worth individuals, the Robb Report has built its notoriety through showcasing the most influential luxury brands on the globe and by featuring quality editorial subjects on matters that interest its affluent readers.

The creme de la creme of the magazine are its two themed editions, the ‘Best of the Best’ and ‘Ultimate Gifts’, with the first published in June and the second in December and on which is not surprising to find out about products or services that cost over $80 million. We guess that’s all the proof you need regarding who Robb Report’s readers are.

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