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10 Essentials for Your Streetwear Style

By Martha Young


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Streetwear Style
Footasylum’s “New Year, Same Waves” campaign.

Streetwear has evolved over the years to bring us some of the best-known styles on the planet. You can rock a pair of Converse shoes with a formal dress and be the talk of the town, or wear a classic pair of Levi jeans with a hoodie, and you are fit for a night out.

These days nearly everyone is into streetwear no matter their age, and that’s what makes it so great. It’s versatile and for everyone, and we couldn’t be happier. Here are our top 10 essentials for your street style.


Nike ACG Gore-Tex Mountain Fly Khaki
Nike ACG Gore-Tex Mountain Fly Khaki

There are so many brands today that have become full-on streetwear labels and have given so many trends, such as Nike, Adidas, and New Balance. What these brands all have in common is how they’ve become formidable labels in popular culture. Sneakers are luckily one of those essentials that you will always need.

A crisp white pair of Superga canvas shoes for summer is an absolute hit. Or a pair of old-school Vans, man, you’ve just hit the jackpot! There are also so many diverse styles of sneakers to choose from, and what’s more, sneakers come in a range of materials such as leather and canvas, meaning you are spoiled for choice.

Graphic T-Shirts

Off-White Simpsons T-Shirt
Off-White’s The Simpsons T-Shirt

Plain t-shirts are fully cemented in street style; however, the graphic t-shirt takes them to new heights. These days you can pretty much find any character, TV show, movie, and even game referenced on t-shirts. And this is great!

Rock your Star Wars tee without a care in the world, as gone are the days where you’d be called a nerd for it. Instead, you’ll see the cool kids wearing it too. Popular graphic tees include Friends, Harry Potter, Star Wars, any Disney character, Avengers, and more.

Combat Boots

Dr Martens Combat Boots
Dr Martens Leather Lace Up Boots

First popularized during the punk era between the 70s and the 80s, combat boots are reintroduced every few years as a wardrobe staple, and the fashion experts are not wrong for doing so. One of the well-known combat boot brands must be Dr. Martens, a British clothing and footwear brand that started off as workwear and footwear that later evolved into classic streetwear.

Today everyone who loves combat boots will either own a pair of Dr. Martens or a cheaper version. These shoes are quite pricey, but they tend to last a lifetime if looked after correctly since they’re genuine leather.  

Denim Jackets

KITH Denim Jacket
KITH Denim Jacket

We’ve seen people rocking these with camo pants and sneakers, but the humble denim jacket is one of the most versatile pieces of clothing on the planet. It’s suitable for formal and street styles and goes with just about anything.

The signature colors will always be denim blue or black; however, brands like Levi release capsules throughout the year referencing pop culture’s favorites, such as the recent The Simpson’s drop that features an iconic denim jacket. Look out for these; you’ll love them!  

A Pair of Jeans

Levi’s Jeans Campaign
Levi’s Jeans

We must thank Jacob W. Davis and Levi Strauss for first giving us something so simple yet iconic. Jeans are a staple if ever we’ve seen one, and every single person should own at least one pair.

There are a range of styles such as boyfriend, skinny, high-waisted, low-rise (which has made its comeback), ripped, and more. What’s also great is that in the past decade, most jeans companies have made a concerted effort to ensure they release styles that cater to all body types.

Track Pants

Track Pants streetwear
Korean Streetwear style

Adidas owns this space as most people are familiar with their three-stripe track pants that have been released in countless colors and styles. Track pants were once used only for sports and the gym.

But street style culture has seen this comfortable pair of pants transform an entire part of fashion into something more lux yet fun. And if you like, you can wear a graphic tee, denim jacket, a pair of sneakers, a pair of track pants, AND you’ll be rocking one seriously awesome street style look.

The Hats

Aime Leon Dore NY Hat
Aime Leon Dore NY Hat

Firstly, we have beanies; secondly, we have baseball caps. Legendary. Whether it matches your outfit or not, you can wear either because chances are, it’s going to work. Hats just have a way of adding that extra oomph you were missing!


EXO’s Kai for Gucci
EXO’s Kai posing for Gucci eyewear

While modern sunglasses are yet to be fully inducted into streetwear, vintage sunnies are all the range. Those cat-eye sunnies from Ray-Ban or aviators are what truly stand out in the streets. You get a range of frames and colors, and you can buy one to match each of your moods or the different days of the week; it’s entirely up to you.   

Funky Socks

Funky Socks
Photo by Maxwell Nelson / unsplash.com

These days you will see that just about everyone harps on about how cool it is to wear funky socks. We remember when we were young and how much of a faux pas it was when someone saw your socks. Now, people show off just how cool funky socks can be. You can find Avo styles, eggs, popular culture references, and so much more.  


Swatch x BAPE
Swatch x BAPE

We’ve heard this line so many times before, “why do you wear a watch if your smartphone tells you the time?”. Simple, a watch is more than just there to tell time; it’s an accessory that can make your look go from zero to hero. There are so many styles available, as well as hundreds of brands.

Overall, there are a lot of trends to follow when it comes to street style. These trends and styles are updated every season, and while some stay forever, like the ones above, others fall away, never to be seen again!

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