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Your Next Massage Chair Could Bear The Lamborghini Name

By Victor Baker


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Lamborghini massage chair

Who knew, right? I mean, the better question is, was anyone expecting this? The luxury industry often surprises us with all kinds of unique collaborations, but this week we’ve just heard that the Italian supercar maker Lamborghini has joined forces with the Los Angeles-based massage chair company Bodyfriend, and that was a totally unexpected move.

These two companies have worked together on a cool range of massage chairs, that feature a design philosophy inspired by Italian supercars, with the first products ready to enter the market by next spring. Now, that’s quite a long wait to wait for such an interesting treat, although it’s worth mentioning that we’re not sure how much this treat will cost you yet.

Lamborghini massage chair

The collaboration with Lamborghini will help Bodyfriend to expand their market in the US and worldwide, which means you could probably see these supercar inspired massage chairs at a store near you pretty soon. You might not be a big fan of massage chairs, but the company that came up with some of the most iconic cars of all time could change your perspective on that.

Design and functionality work hand in hand for these stunning creations, that are all set to conquer the US – Bodyfriend opened two stores in Los Angeles already, but they’re planning to open 140 additional stores in the United States in the next three years. Hopefully one day we’ll also see Lamborghinis with massage chairs as cool as these.

Lamborghini massage chair


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