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You will love this Radial Engine Table

By Adrian Prisca


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Making a table out of the engine of a US Army Boeing Stearman PT-13 fighter is a very eccentric thing indeed. It’s so far away from its original purpose, yet, with a piece of glass covering the engine, your living room may delight guests with a unique touch of style.

Selling bits and parts that belonged to the engine is a right thing to do, among the nostalgic population. So, right after it was put out of use, around the Second World War, the engines were disassembled and scattered all over the world. Before becoming a piece of furniture, one was purchased by the Canadian Museum of Flight in British Columbia.

It should be a weird feeling to drink your coffee on top of a thing that some years ago was used to fly. Every minor part of the engine has been carefully covered in metallic paint to be protected from outside factors that could deteriorate it, while the glass on top of it lets us take a glimpse through the components of this radial motor. As a touch of authenticity, some plates were mounted on the engine, containing technical details as well as the original coding of the engine.

For all the enthusiasts out there, the table is displayed at the Decoratum Gallery in London, and can be bought for $30,604.


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