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Disney’s new resort in Hawaii, Aulani looks sweet!

By Adrian Prisca


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After a surprising opening, where Mickey and Minnie Mouse were invited, besides Tom Staggs, president of Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, Disney’s first Hawaiian resort, Aulani Resort and Spa, is ready to greet children and people that seek fun worldwide. It’s built in KoOlina, after nearly 6 years of intense planning and a total cost of approximately $1 billion.

Kahulu de Santos, the Aulani Cultural Advisor, performed an oli chant. A team of Hawaiian architects, artisans and historians have worked together to bring out this relaxation marvel, creating it on the island of Oahu. The name, Aulani, gives the resort the meaning of “messenger”, highlighting Hawaii’s unique history, culture and spirit.

For those in need of being close to wildlife, there lies a pool with live sea creatures. Two different types of spas, for adults and teens are also built on the spot. But the main institutions are the 359 hotel rooms, 460 villas functioning on the principle of time-sharing, two lounges, four restaurants, a wide pool with saltwater, where everyone can snorkel, water toboggans, a lazy river and a very welcome fitness center. All of these lie on a 21-acre field.

As a way of spending their time, tourists can learn to plant taro and then learn how to pound poi. There is also a volcano, a water slide and lobby that looks like a canoe hale with a Hawaiian mural and tapa cloth. Even the hotel relates a known Hawaiian story. Mickey and Minnie Mouse are present around every corner, in each hotel room there is a lamp resembling Mickey, his image being projected onto the bedding. Just like the true Hawaii style, aloha shirts and shorts are found everywhere, even on the cartoon heroes, wandering around the resort.

The prices for all these amenities start at $399 per night and go up to $549 a night for the rooms with ocean views. Island themes family activities are included in the pack.


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