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We’d Love to Ride The Koenigsegg Bike 1090 Concept Motorcycle

Koenigsegg Bike 1090 Concept

Dubbed as the Koenigsegg Bike 1090 Concept, the unique motorcycle before you might be just a design study right now, but we’re pretty sure someone who likes it will try to bring it to life pretty soon. Unfortunately, there is no official word if Koenigsegg could be ever interested in building high performance bikes, but this project looks exactly the type of motorcycle they should build.

The hypercar brand’s signature style is something familiar to 3D designer Maksim Burov, who came up with this exciting concept, although none of his earlier projects have been quite as realistic as this one. We’ve covered many custom bikes on Luxatic, but this stunning concept could be easily considered one of the best, if it ever goes into production.

Koenigsegg Bike 1090 Concept

Obviously, there are no technical specifications of performance figures to talk about; however, the low streetfighter-like stance, the Goodyear racing-style tires, and a high performance exhaust from Borla hint towards a very fast motorcycle, one that could easily offer the rider the proper thrills.

At the end of the day, we can only hope that the Swedes from Koenigsegg are paying attention and are seriously considering entering the two-wheel market. Wouldn’t it be awesome?

Koenigsegg Bike 1090 Concept


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