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Marquis Memento Mori is This Year’s Halloween Surprise

Marquis Memento Mori

We all appreciate hi-fi audio products, especially nowadays with the world being invaded by so many up and coming artists and catchy songs. But you don’t see a high concept design every day in those new audio products, that’s why we’re pretty sure that a glimpse of the Marquis Memento Mori will get your heart racing.

Imagined by the avant-garde designers at Metaxas & Sins, this stunning skull-shaped headphone amplifier was inspired by Halloween, making a bold visual statement, while being fully capable of surprising and exciting your ears. It puts out 15 volts per channel into 50 Ohms and has a -117 DbV signal-to-noise ratio, but the key selling point is definitely its unique look.

Marquis Memento Mori

Believe it or not, there’s been a minimalist approach with this design. The amp packs two RCA inputs on the rear of the skull and a single 6.3 mm headphone jack replacing the mouth; an RCA output on the back of the unit puts the Marquis Memento Mori in preamplifier mode when connected to speakers or an amplifier.

CNC-machined as a single block, the aluminum skull design incorporates the amplifier module and it could be easily upgraded as new technology becomes available. Available in 10 colored-aluminum finishes or with custom automotive-paint finishes, the $6,750 Metaxas & Sins Marquis Memento Mori headphone amp will scare the good mood out of you.

Marquis Memento Mori


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