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W London – Leicester Square Is An Essential British Experience!

By Victor Baker


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W London

Leicester Square is one of London’s best hot spots, a place filled with cinemas, restaurants, theatres and many other attractions, where celebrities and heroes come to play and tourists are completely mesmerized by the entire atmosphere here, especially at night. Flashbulbs pop and everyone smiles, while the luxurious W London hotel stands guard and welcomes everyone to enjoy a unique British experience.

Since it has so many cinemas, Leicester Square hosts a lot of movie premieres, and guess where all the stars usually hang out when it’s all over and done? At the glamorous W London, of course, a place where the young and fabulous, retire for a much needed session of rest and relaxation. That’s exactly why you’ll see so many celebrities chilling out with you within the slick corridors and incredible amenities of this lavish hotel.

The mesmerizing building before you offers 192 superb rooms, including 21 massive suites, each of the them designed to treat its guests as stars with eye catching graphic prints, modern luxuries and world class service.

W London

Socializing has to be one of the key selling points of this gorgeous hotel, considering the level of popularity the guests don’t even need to brag about. W London offers ample opportunities to excel at this favorite British pastime, with Wyld bar delivering unique musical experiences and delicious cocktails.

The Lobby, on the other hand, will allow you to savor a sip of tea while commenting on the latest news within a white, gold, leather, and glass environment. And f you’re looking for something more exciting, the Spice Market will allow your pallets to be tormented by Southeast Asian tastes, remastered by Jean-Georges Vongerichten, a celebrity in his own right. Good luck to you!

W London

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