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Get Into The Disney Vibe With The Little Mermaid Bed

By Victor Baker


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Little Mermaid Bed

The Little Mermaid Bed is Circu’s newest offering, a fantastic design meant to help little princesses from all over the world to live out their dream by sleeping in the most magical place ever. Created for those children who are still fascinated by beautiful stories, the brand’s Little Mermaid Bed resembles a large oyster, with serene lighting on the inside, which contributes to a completely mesmerizing look.

Crafted out of fiberglass, this charming bed sits on smooth “rocks”, similar to the ones you might find at the bottom of the ocean, and its exterior has been beautifully sculpted and painted to get a magical effect, with Ariel being the only one still missing from the picture. I guess this gorgeous mermaid bed might convince her to come to bed earlier every night, and if you add in some cookies, it will be even better.

Little Mermaid Bed

To complement this stunning bed, Circu has also designed a “magic mirror” which actually houses a 19-inch flat screen T.V. to further feed your child’s imagination. Shaped like a large handheld mirror, this fixture benefits from intricate hand carving, traditional techniques and the power of impressing everyone with its stunning look – a silver leaf finish and pink translucent paint will do that.

There’s no need for a reason to buy this magical bed, which means it’s only up to you to decide when this wonderful surprise is coming. The Little Mermaid will set you back €14,610 ($16,281) while the Magical Mirror from the top photo costs €6,140 ($6,842).

Little Mermaid Bed


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