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The Eco Catamaran Concept Is As Ravishing As They Get

Eco Catamaran Concept

Designed by Rene Gabrielli, this catamaran is beyond incredible, a bold concept that focuses on ecologic technologies and their use in getting clean energy from the sun and wind. With help from some unique design solutions, the Eco Catamaran concept, as this project has been called, is able to benefit from two electric turbines, powered by lithium batteries charged from solar panels.

They cover almost a third of the surface of the boat, while the vessel’s alternative drive system uses wind power, which is harnessed by huge telescopic sails that sometimes hide in the construction of the boat. That’s quite interesting, to say the least.

Eco Catamaran Concept

The Eco Catamaran also shows off a mesmerizing mix between form and function, with a clever, movable main cabin, as well as a spacious open terrace, that’s ideal for those hot summer days. Going for a catamaran layout was a great move if you ask us, when you consider its stability and effectiveness on water, but few people have ever imagined they’ll find a pool right at the center of a catamaran.

There are many more details worth talking about, both on the inside and outside, but we’ll leave these drool inducing photos to do the rest of the talking for us. We hope some billionaire would end up on Luxatic, right on this article, and he will love this design so much that he’ll try to turn this dream vessel into reality.

Eco Catamaran Concept


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