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Ulysse Nardin & Visconti Limited Edition Fountain Pen

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Two great names have united their forces to bring out one of the most exquisite writing tools that will ever get to shed their ink on paper. Visconti, a 20-year-old brand with great experience in “Schreibgeräte” and Ulysse Nardin, a greatly renowned timepiece-crafting brand, with 165 years behind them will be presenting the Ulysse Nardin & Visconti Limited Edition Fountain Pen.

Through the desire of fulfilling high-classed clients, they have created a masculine, innovative utensil that combines a classic style with the high-tech world we live in nowadays. Using the typical Ulysse Nardin coloration, they managed to create a superb piece of craftsmanship. It’s made of the purest resin there is, requiring 20 different stages to produce the resin parts alone.

Crafted at the Visconti headquarters in Florence, the metal parts consist of 18k gold and 925 sterling-silver. Comprising a long list of particular innovations, this new fountain pen includes the around-the-world renowned unique triple-channel ink feed, colored similarly to the resin, which allows for an optimal ink distribution towards the nib.

The filling system is also special, with an autonomy lasting to an equivalent of 10 cartridges, also preventing ink-spillage or any unwanted dirty incidents. The cap is lockable in only a quarter-turn, while the bayonet closure system has a safety mechanism. The Ulysse Nardin marine-like style has been continued through this work of art, given the fact that it comprises a hand-sewn net and a beautifully crafted anchor; there are also hand-engravings that foretell the quality of the gold used plus the name of the brand.

A unique feature is the clip, inscribed with the gadget’s serial number, which is simply sculpted from a block ok gold or silver.
The symbols of the Ulysse Nardin brand are viewable all over the package, with their marine style that highlights the world of modern or ancient sailing, from ships to way of travel.

The set comes with an inkwell that allows facile use and refilling of the pen, not minding the conditions or location.


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