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Three Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Middle East Editions

By Adrian Prisca


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Bugatti decided to present the Middle East market with three items of their own creation, to show them how technology, attention to detail, creativity and inspiration come together into such beautiful creations that everyone turns around when one passes by them. Three Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport models were unveiled at the Dubai International Motor Show.

The first model has a bright yellow body combined with black carbon and black-tinted wheels. This is the most desired contrast of Ettore Bugatti, going on inside the car, with yellow leather stitched with black thread. The central console is black carbon; the gearshift and steering wheel are covered with yellow-stitched black leather. This model roughly costs around 1.58 million EUR.

The second model has, same as the previous, a two-tone coloration, with black carbon and beautifully finished anodized aluminum. The rims are aluminum-finished and have a diamond-cut shape. The front-grill and the air-intake system are finished so well that they look like mirrors; the beautiful style goes on in the inside, tangerine leather covering almost everything. There are spots with dark blue Indigo leather and exposed carbon fiber on the door panels, steering-wheel, central and dashboard, combined with tangerine stitching. This specific model costs around 1.74 million EUR.

The last of the three comes painted in the latest Bugatti style – a green carbon-fiber tone – combined with aluminum finish. The polished aluminum can be seen all over the car, including the rear EB badge, rearview mirrors and rims. To match the imposing exterior, the producers have integrated a green and silver finish in the interior, very beautifully combined to give the car a high degree of exquisiteness. This model costs around 1.74 million EUR.

From the 150 Grand Sports that are to be put to sale, 45 are already bought, 105 remaining. They can be purchased from the Molsheim factory in France.


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