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Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessey opens yacht business in India

By Adrian Prisca


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Princess, firm belonging to Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessey Group, has recently shouted the release of their first Indian yacht business yet. Aiming for a sum of five different luxury boats, the prices for the ships costs from the cheapest Rs 4 crore to the exquisite R2 30 crore, their pride.

The Director of Princess’ international distributor for the country, Navnit Marine, Sharad Kachalia, declares that they will sell around 5 yachts within the upcoming year. Bill Barrow, the sales manager, is confident that they’ll do their quota.

Barrow also declared that the prices of yachts nowadays are sky-high, and a good way of getting the customer’s attention is to design the smallest in the Princess series; a 39-ft yacht is being designed by the UK-based company, previously bought by LVMH in 2008.

Given the fact that the company sells its products in no less than 65 countries, Barrow avoided answering a question about the entry into India, if it was strategically-pointed or not. He’s optimistic about the current economical growth of the Far East. Anyways, given the current economic standing, luxury-yacht business is in the middle of its growth.

Thus, Navnit Marines keep their contract with five other yacht-makers. They’ve even sold 100 yachts since the company got lunched, back in 2002. There’s a lack of supporting infrastructure, such as marinas, that could make this business go at even higher standards.


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