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Incredible Mercedes SLR McLaren by RENNtech

By Adrian Prisca


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Just like the SLR McLaren wouldn’t be fast enough, ReNNTech and many other car-tuning companies decided to improve its performance. They co-worked with Platinum Motorsport, MACarbon, Exotics Boutique and borrowed body parts from Mansory to create this unique model, called the ReNNTech Mercedes SLR McLaren that defies every beauty standard and street-legal performance.

The body-kit, as said earlier, comes from Mansory. This particular one is called “Renovatio” and catches every eye it passes by. The supercharger is provided by ReNNTech, while the transmission was a bit upgraded as well, to fit to the humongous power the engine produces, courtesy of the same tuner.

Now, among the consequences of this tuning, the car does a quarter-mile in 10.29 seconds, reaching 134 mph (approximately 216 km/h). The power developed after the upgrade has reached 770HP. Furthermore, to fit all these improvements, both on the exterior and interior, ReNNTech have added 3-way-adjustable racing coilovers.

The wheels weren’t left original, thus the vehicle was added 20-inch Agetro M140 monoblock rims. As if these weren’t enough, the car was added a 45mm hydraulic lifting-kit. The car will be available at this year’s SEMA Show, the guests being able to admire this demonstration of ultimate car-tuning.


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