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The Woo WA7 high performance headphone amplifier

By Adrian Prisca


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Here’s another way to emphasize the pleasures provided by the field of audiophonics, in every way possible, courtesy of Woo Audio, a manufacturer of top notch audio components based in New York.

They have previously launched the $10,000 Mono-Block amp, a gadget which provides the user with the possibility to switch between different sound output channels through the single clocking of a couple of switches. They have recently released the WA7 Fireflies Amp/DAC, an astonishing, state of the art contraption which encompasses both an advanced built-in USB Digital-to-Analog Converter and a high performance vacuum tube headphone amplifier.

Reportedly priced at $799 a unit, the WA7 Fireflies is so compact that it won’t ever seem to be able to act as a power house, let alone bear the capacity to drive top notch headphones. Yet, it does, pretty easily. In fact, the amp uses semi-conductors in the entire path of the signal, alongside a pure tube design with 6C45 tubes in single-ended Class-A topology. Add transformer coupled outputs to this series of parts and you’ll have a magnificent way to enjoy the world of sounds.

In addition, the WA7 Fireflies also boasts an especially designed, developed and manufactured D-A converter able to deliver sample rates of up to 32 bits/192 k. The data integrity is therefore maintained, while also being transmissible via  the USB 2.0 interface operating in asynchronous mode.

And there are more parts which are pretty worth mentioning, like the pair of Nickel Alloy core output transformers, linear external power supply, custom manufactured toroidal power transformer, multi-layer military grade and a chassis entirely crafted from aluminum.

Furthermore, the WA7 Fireflies has been fitted with a dedicated port for in-ear-monitors which can deal with a full range of volume controls, thus providing minimal noise.


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