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In the Garden of Good and Evil Perfumes by Kilian

By Adrian Prisca


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The eternal battle between the good and the bad, the evil and the saint, has been depicted in stories throughout the years, from cavemen to the modern day business folk. The Myth of the Original Sin has been nicely used as a theme by Kilian Hennessey in the planning the creation of this staggering trilogy of perfumes, In the Garden of Good and Evil. It has debuted before the winter, but it’s something we couldn’t miss.

The first of the three is In the City of Sin – a gorgeous spicy fragrance which opens this staggering collection. Quite attractive by nature, the exceptional aroma features notes of fruits and spices, plush and exotic, reminding of the allure of The City of Sin, a place with no rules and no boundaries. This particular perfume wreaks with cumin and pink pepper scents, but cardamom is the defining element. In addition, if analyzed carefully, In the City of Sin also includes notes of cedar, musk, patchouli, plum and rose.

The second in this collection of three perfumes is the Forbidden Games. It reportedly explores the temptation of ripe fruit. It boasts notes of peach and apple, flowers like geranium, jasmine and rose, upon silent backgrounds of opoponax, vanilla and honey.

Closing up the lot is the Good Girl Gone Bad. It targets women that are content with their lifestyle, sensuous, in love with life and fully realized on most plans. The main aroma of the Good Girl Gone Bad is a note of Jasmine, surrounded by other scents like osmanthus, rose, tuberose and narcissus. This particular theme ends with aromas of the woods, patchouli and vetiver.

In the Garden of Good and Evil by Kilian Hennessey is available in exceptional white bottles encased in a white clutch with a gold serpent which appears to be slithering above it. Each of the 50 mm bottles costs $245.

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