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The Urwerk UR-210 Amadeus is an Awesome Contraption

By Victor Baker


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Urwerk UR-210 Amadeus

Describing the Urwerk UR-210 Amadeus might prove to be a real challenge, even for some of the world’s most passionate watch connoisseurs, as it’s very difficult to find the right words for this unique timepiece. But words are perfectly replaced by the awe-inspiring pictures below, which reveal a beautiful contraption that’s unlike anything else we’ve ever seen.

It’s true that the Amadeus is just another rendition of the incredible Urwerk UR-210, the current flagship of the innovative Swiss brand, but it’s even more appealing if you ask us. The UR-210 Amadeus features a satellite hour complication and retrograde minutes and comes fully engraved in an extravagant post-Renaissance 17th-century style.

Urwerk UR-210 Amadeus

It looks like the past and future have collided to tell the present time, and it’s just the right time to be amazed. The glorious watch before you is the work of master engraver Florian Güllert, who spent exactly 260 hours working on this ravishing timepiece.

Unparalleled precision and fine craftsmanship have been matched by hand-made engravings, marking a new chapter in Urwerk’s history in the best way possible. Unfortunately, there is no pricing info to talk about yet, but I guess that seems irrelevant when you’re looking at such a unique time teller. All that’s left to do right now is to count the seconds until you’ll get your hands on one.

Urwerk UR-210 Amadeus


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