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The Bugatti Atlantic is a Dream Waiting to Come True

By Victor Baker


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Bugatti Atlantic

Bugatti has always been a name synonymous with speed, luxury, exclusivity, an extraordinary design and a great passion for automobiles. I’m sure we’ve all dreamed about owning a Bugatti Veyron, and the brand new Chiron is as close to automotive perfection as possible, but did you know that the French supercar maker has also considered going for a front-engined sedan a few years ago?

Called the Galibier, this jaw dropping sedan was inspired by Bugatti’s first models and unfortunately never got to see the day light as a production car. But Palestinian designer Arthur B. Nustas is proposing a different take on one of Bugatti’s most legendary designs, the Type 57 Atlantic, an iconic car that was produced in just four units, and only three of them have survived to this day.

Bugatti Atlantic

Nustas’ modern take on the Bugatti Atlantic seems to be a marvelous blend between the stylish lines and design cues of the Atlantic and modern elements from the new Chiron. This might just be the grand tourer to put all others to shame, if it would ever become a reality, but unfortunately this is merely a design study, although a very beautiful one.

The very long hood reminds us of the 1930’s fast boasts and makes us think about the massive power plant that could possibly fit beneath. This might prove to be an awesome evolution of the Chiron in the years to come, if it’s ever considered. Care to make any speculations or share your ideas about how the future Bugatti will look like?

Bugatti Atlantic

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