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The Omega Sunglasses Collection is a World’s First

Omega Sunglasses

The iconic Swiss watchmaker Omega has unveiled its very first sunglasses collection, after working alongside Marcolin Eyewear. Available exclusively in Omega boutiques worldwide, the brand’s first collection of sunglasses will allow both men and women to enjoy two different sizes in each model as well as various interesting colors.

Omega’s sunglasses will offer exclusivity and exquisite technical design and aesthetics, which are all valid selling points. Each pair of sun shades is reminiscent of the watchmaker’s jewelry and timepieces, which Omega enthusiasts and owners will probably appreciate.


Of course, Omega’s attention to details is obvious throughout the collection, and it’s well appreciated too; nothing but the best materials have made it onto the finished products, such as scratch-resistant, anti-reflective, high-quality lenses and plenty cool little details.

These are exciting times for Omega and anyone keeping a close eye on the brand.  You might remember the Rio 2016 Olympic Games and the 2016 Omega Limited Edition models, which might go very well with a pair of classic unisex sunglasses, in matte black, with polarized green lenses.

But, who am I to tell? Feel free to check out the entire collection and choose for yourselves. In the meantime, expect the brand to deliver a new and exciting watch as soon as possible – you don’t really think they’ll leave their legacy behind, right?

Omega Sunglasses


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