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The new Fantasy Bra Is Victoria’s Secret’s $3 Million Burning Desire

By Victor Baker


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Victoria’s Secret Fantasy Bra Jasmine Tookes

Let’s face it.. Victoria’s Secret is one of those brands that need no more introductions, with ladies and gentlemen from everywhere around the world knowing their excellent value and appreciating probably every single VS product, especially the Victoria’s Secret Fantasy Bra.

Probably the cherry on top of the sundae that is the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, the fantasy bra is an outrageous piece of wearable jewelry, featuring a unique design every year, imagined by many renowned designers and embellished with thousands of precious gem stones.

As you’ve probably guessed already, this year’s Fantasy Bra is valued at exactly $3 million, and since it’s going to be introduced just in time for Christmas shopping, maybe some billionaire would love to splash out that much for one of the most magical pieces of lingerie ever made.

Victoria’s Secret Fantasy Bra Jasmine Tookes

Covered in 9,000 gemstones, set in more than 450 carats of 18K gold, the 2016 Fantasy Bra took 700 hours of incredible attention to details and absolutely incredible craftsmanship. The sparkling emerald green accents, the lovely tassel, and those jeweled straps are to die for, and they’ve all been imagined and designed by Eddie Borgo.

Every year one of the most popular Victoria’s Secret angels has the privilege of showing off this dazzling fantasy bra during the VS Fashion Show and the lucky model right now is the adorably hot Jasmine Tookes, who seems to look even more incredible with this fantasy bra on.

Apparently Jasmine had to sit for three hours covered in plaster just to get a mold that would replicate every inch of her breasts, and then she required some training to be able to hold her back upright, while carrying the weight of the super expensive lingerie. There’s nothing left to be said, except enjoy the gallery and get ready for the 2016 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show!

Victoria’s Secret Fantasy Bra Jasmine Tookes

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