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The Fisker EMotion is Ready to Compete with Tesla

By Victor Baker


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Fisker EMotion

Watch out Tesla, there might be a new star in town. Unveiled long before the Tesla Model S came to life, the Fisker Karma was a sleek electric-powered luxury saloon, that was pretty popular in some parts of the world. It didn’t appeal to a lot of people, that’s why the company went through a rough financial period and was almost left for dead, but right now Fisker is back to life, with a new exciting all-electric beauty.

Called the Fisker EMotion, this vehicle is the newest brainchild of Henrik Fisker, who thought we would be really impressed by a 161 mph top speed and a 400-mile range – not at the same time, obviously. The EMotion looks powerful, stylish, and brutal, with cool dihedral ‘butterfly’ doors, just like a McLaren P1 – front and rear, that would make you forget about the falcon wing doors of the Tesla Model X.

Fisker EMotion

This is surely one way to grab our full and undivided attention, making us focus on this new attempt by Fisker to deliver a sustainable luxury car that’s powerful and cool. On the inside, the company promises comfort, luxury, and more rear legroom than other full-size luxury sedans – should Tesla worry?

The all-electric vehicle also benefits from a composite carbon and aluminium structure, complemented by a graphene battery construction and what’s really interesting is that Fisker is also promising fully autonomous driving. Let the games begin!

Fisker EMotion

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