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The lovely Dog House Sofa by min n mun

By Adrian Prisca


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This fixture has been a blast for us from the first time we laid in our eyes on it. Penned down by the Korean designer min n mun, it is actually of great importance – it’s reportedly the first line of pet furniture signed M.Pup.

The main purpose of the Dog House Sofa is to cozily accommodate human beings as well as their four legged pets. As more and more families are getting pets nowadays, someone has had to come up with something to be able to accommodate both us and them. Thus, the Dog House Sofa has come to life, in style!

The furniture collection has therefore become some sort of device which eases the process of communication between animals and humans, allowing both to live in comfort. It was crafted from solid ash and canvas fabric, and features a small doghouse for our speechless friends. We love the initiative!


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