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The KTM X-Bow GTX Looks Like the Ultimate Track Toy!

By Victor Baker


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Austrian motorcycle and sports car manufacturer KTM recently took the wraps off the latest evolution of its incredible X-Bow track car, a bonkers-looking machine called X-Bow GTX. Described as the company’s “most spectacular, beautiful and technologically advanced vehicle”, this beast was designed with track days and professional racing in mind.

The X-Bow GTX features a fully enclosed carbon fiber bodywork, combined with a full-fledged roll cage that’s homologated for GT races. Inside the cockpit you’ll find a Recaro competition seat that’s made of carbon kevlar, a six-point racing harness from Schroth and a fully adjustable suede racing wheel, with a built-in display, plus an adjustable pedal box.

Compared to its predecessor, the new model comes with electric power steering, instead of the X-Bow’s hydraulic power steering. The new steering system not only saves weight, but it also offers drivers at least three different set-ups to match their preferences and needs.


The KTM X-Bow GTX weights only 1,048 kilograms (2,310 lbs) and since it’s powered by an 2.5-liter five-cylinder turbo engine that was tweaked to deliver 530 PS (523 HP) and 650 Nm (479 lb-ft) of torque, this car’s performance should be absolutely stunning.

The engine is supplied by Audi Sport and the brilliant engineers from KTM modified the wastage, the injection valves, the intake and the exhaust systems and also upgraded the engine software to boost the power output and peak torque.

After all these upgrades, the X-Bow GTX has an insane power to weight ratio of 1.98 kg / horsepower, combining high performance with impressive fuel efficiency. Unfortunately we don’t have any performance figures yet, but you probably realize how fast this thing is going to be. 


Speaking of fuel efficiency, KTM’s newest track toy is equipped with a 120-liter (31.7 gallon) FT3 safety tank, that allows it to go longer than its competition. That could be very useful during track days, but especially in long-distance racing.

The 2.5-liter turbo engine is coupled to a Holinger MF sequential six-speed gearbox with a metal racing clutch and a limited-slip differential. But what’s more interesting is that this cool race car also features an electrically operated gear shifter, just like the prototype racers from Le Mans.


The X-Bow GTX is also easier to drive, with Sachs dampers that can be adjusted in rebound and compression, and also in height on the front and rear axles. Up front, there’s also a push-rod arrangement, featuring an adjustable stabilizer, that will help you hit every corner perfectly.

The brakes are also extreme, with massive six-piston endurance brake calipers on 378 mm (14.9 inches) front discs and four piston brake calipers on 355 mm (14 inches) discs in the back.


Design-wise, the KTM X-Bow GTX takes the ‘Jetfighter Canopy’ to the next level. Formerly in one piece, the ‘plexiglass’ canopy has been replaced by a striking carbon frame with an inserted Makrolon windshield and separately opening glass doors on both sides.

You can still open the complete canopy when you enter or exit the car, and if you don’t notice any side mirrors here, that’s because KTM replaced them with two rearview cameras. Pricing for the extraordinary X-Bow GTX starts at a cool €230,000 or around $272,000. 

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