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The Heart of Europe Real Estate Development, off the Coast of Dubai

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Heart of Europe

We’re no longer surprised when something awesome is being built in Dubai. In addition to global landmarks like the gorgeous Burj Al Arab or the breathtaking Burj Khalifa, there’s another impressive development known as The World, an artificial archipelago just off the coast designed to resemble a map of our planet.

In 2014, the Kleindienst Group announced its intention to develop a project called The Heart of Europe in the area of The World where (you guessed it) the continent of Europe would be. The undertaking would be completed by 2017 and it’s expected to comprise 42 villas with an area of around 1,700 square meters each, which would be two stories above water level and one beneath.

Heart of Europe

Moreover, The Heart of Europe will be spread across six islands (Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands, Sweden and St. Petersburg), and will feature rain and snow-filled streets, as well as floating bridges. Additional destinations will be Sochi, Belgium, Luxembourg, Geneva, Monte Carlo, and Poland.

These villas will be sold by a local real estate consultancy called Privilege Dubai and currently have their prices set at about $1.3 million, though it’s possible the figure will change until 2017. There are a few homes already built on other tiny islands that are part of The World.

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