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The BurnOut Collection: Luxury Items with Mercedes-AMG GT-R Tyre Markings on Them

By Thom Esveld


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The brilliant team at Mercedes-AMG might have run out of ideas and decided to create something totally different, an interesting collection of bespoke items that you don’t see too often. At least we haven’t. The BurnOut Collection is a unique collaboration between the aforementioned luxury car maker and the German bag maker Destroy vs. Beauty to bring luxury items with a twist.

The bags and accessories from this collection have been road-rashed during an abuse test for a special tear proof fabric that the bag maker started developing two years ago. An AMG GT-R literally rolled over the materials as the ultimate test, leaving road rash and tyre prints all over, and instead of discarding the fabrics that resisted the abuse, they used them to create the Mercedes-AMG BurnOut collection.


The handmade luxury items come with an AMG badge as an approval of their endurance and of course the tyre markings. Should you not like the model, you could also request a tyre print of your choice for an extra cost.

If you’re curious, take a look at the list of all the BurnOut items and their price tags:

  • Cash Men Wallet at 179 euros (RM855)
  • Big Spender womens wallet at 199 euros (RM950)
  • Messenger Bag at 379 euros (RM1,810)
  • Chicago Bag at 479 euros (RM2,290)
  • Burlington Bag at 479 euros (RM2,285)
  • Laptop Bag at 529 euros (RM2,525)
  • Speed Week Bag at 579 euros (RM2,765)
  • Ocean Drive Bag at 619 euros (RM2,955)
  • Weekender bag at 679 euros (RM3,240)


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