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The 80-meter long Vela by Gianmarco Cardia is a very Interesting Yacht Concept

By Vlad Craciun


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Gianmarco Cardia, one of the most talented young yacht designers in the world right now, has recently unveiled Vela, his latest project, a breathtaking yacht concept that has found a very interesting way to use the majestic Dyna Rig sails.

If you thought Dyna Rigs are a rare view, and they are, since there aren’t not many yachts like the Black Pearl or the Maltese Falcon out there, this concept will blow your mind. On Vela, they’re dual purpose, as part of them can be also used as a screen for an outdoor cinema. Pretty cool, right?


In total, Vela carries no less than 1,850 square meters of sails. In addition to those stunning Dyna Rig sails, this gorgeous yacht has also been equipped with hybrid propulsion to reduce pollution.

The interior of the yacht comes with four guest cabins and 1 master room, a wellness area with a gym, plus a lovely spa and a beach club, with a bar and big lounges for relaxing in the sun. The yacht is 80 meters long, with a 14.3 meter beam and it could easily accommodate up to 10 guests.


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