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The Beckingham Palace is up for grabs

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One of the most staggering real estate news of recent times is the listing of the Beckingham Palace by one of Great Britain’s most famous and stylish couples, David Beckham and his wife, Victoria, for a still-undisclosed amount of money.

The staggering palatial estate is highly secured and has served as a destination for money of the couple’s getaways and gatherings. According to the listing, they have specifically mentioned they are selling the property to families and not builders, due to the fact that they want it left as it is at the moment and not changed into a condominium or restructured multi-flat residence.

They had bought it in 1999 for £2.5 million, through property developed Richard Maher, in a time when the place was a council run Children’s home, and later on renovated it and added a snooker room, a number of swimming pools, helipad, gymnasium and floodlit tennis courts.

Covering a full 22 acres, this gorgeous property located in Hertfordshire was built in a classical Georgian architectural style very famous among the Brits. The two have even renamed it, bestowing the Beckingham Palace nomination instead of the old Rowneybury to match the glamour. The Beckham couple have also decided to adorn it with further special personal touches. One additional problem related to selling this exquisite home would be that the real estate developers would cash in on their name and then ask humongous prices for that. And there would also be the intentions of the future buyers – according to the Beckhams, it would be nice if the buyers carried the conversion of the residence on, the one that they’ve started.

And it now comes to the reason behind the listing – yes, as you’ve probably thought, it’s the jet-set style of the two. Victoria needs to tend to her Battersea business a lot more, which is way closer to their current residence in London, a £20 million rented house in Kensington. They’re looking forward to acquiring something in Kensington or even Mayfair, due to the logistic issues.

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