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The stunning HYT H2 timepiece

By Brian Pho


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From just a simple glance, what we have here is a superbly engineered contraption, stunningly beautiful and packed with technology. This is the second hydro-mechanical wristwatch brought to life by HYT dubbed the H2. Its name might not seem deeply inspired, but this timepiece is genuinely original, you have our word for that!

This is basically a redesigned H1, which was unveiled during the last year, based on the same core technology, with a new array of stuff in the show though. It is quite widely known the H1 was manufactured in close collaboration between HYT and Jean-Françoise Mojon of Chronode, yet the H2 was accomplished together with AP Renaud & Papi. This timepiece mainly uses regular timekeeping mechanics alongside a system of reservoirs and bellows which force liquid through a system of capillaries. The time is read based on the position of the liquid, although this might not be incredibly accurate.

Limited to just 50 units, the H2 boasts a 48.8 mm black DLC-finished titanium case, temperature indicator and an exquisite caliber by AP Renaud & Papi with crown position indicator H-N-R, minutes with jumping hand at 30 minutes and retrograde fluidic hours. The crown position indicator, located at 3 o’clock, works like this: the wearer may set the time via the crown (H) or wind the mechanism (R) at the simple press of the button – it’s not that of a big deal, is it?

The liquid system has to suffer quite a lot though, as every variation in temperature may alter the accuracy of the time displayed, be it off the wrist, ambient air temperature, body temperature, on the wrist etc. This is strictly related to the liquid though, with no implication to the capillary system. All HYT have done is to alert the wearer in case of any massive variations in temperature, but they haven’t yet implemented any sort of mechanism to cancel their effects. You can have yours at CHF 90,000, but we’ve heard all 50 pieces are already sold.


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