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The Espresso Veloce Coffee Machines

By Brian Pho


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We’ve already stumbled upon exquisite, highly expensive espresso machines already, but I find this one particularly staggering, given the fact that I adore cars. Here’s a nice recipe for you – pick a blend of your favorite exquisite coffee, fill a couple of spoons with the precious powder and pour them into the container of any of Espresso Veloce’s brand new engine-themed coffee machines. If you ever get the chance to do it, please share the result with us!

Espresso Veloce brings forth two versions of the coffee machine, the V10 and V12, manufacturing according to the respective engine configurations. They are even crafted from the same materials as racing engines – titanium, magnesium and aluminium. The tone was set by The Southern Equitorial Ferrari Automobili Club in South Africa, which has acted as some sort of tone-setter for these pieces. One thing is clear here, though – these designs have gone a long way from any conventional pieces I’ve seen so far.


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