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Axel Enthoven’s gorgoeus Opera Camper

They say luxury is a form of expressing your inner feelings and character. Well, I don’t know about that, but I do know this staggeringly luxurious Opera Camper is something that has come out of someone’s dreams.

This impressive contraption was inspired from the looks of the Sydney Opera House, more of a pop-up luxury suite that you can bring along wherever you go. Conceived by Axel Enthoven, the Opera Camper boasts an elegant teak veranda, sliding oak-finished surfaces on the desk and the two beds, compact kitchen with cold and hot running water and top-loading fridge with 36 liters of storage.

Some other features, which we normally find in luxury homes, have been added to this gorgeous camper as well like the ceramic toilet, LED-lit wine cabinet, espresso bar, corian fountain with pull-out faucet head doubling as outdoor shower and a state of the art hot air heating. Furthermore, when driving, this portable home will only seem like an extension of the car. Its weight will only be noticed if you put additional pressure on the pedal. And the price is quite affordable if you ask me – €27,680 or around $35,600.



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