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Nemo Captain Triple Axis Tourbillion by Thomas Prescher

By Brian Pho


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If you think of Captain Nemo as one of your childhood’s most interesting characters and you’re an enthusiast of watchmaking, here’s a gorgeous piece for you – the exquisite Nemo Captain Triple Axis Tourbillion wristwatch, the second watch of the Nemo Series. This stunning timepiece boasts the signature of Thomas Prescher, a premium Swiss watchmaker, renowned for the Tempusvivendi Qatar Watch and many, many others.

A Steampunk-design, this superb timepiece is as complex as it is stunning to look at, with Prescher having used a special Triple Axis Tourbillion movement and a brand new jumping hour indication. Acting as a boost to its exclusivity, the creator of the Nemo Captain Triple Axis Tourbillion has revealed it only after close consultation with the owner, who wanted it custom-made to his exact specifications.

So, the this is how it works – it first completes a rotation on 2 axes within 60 seconds then a revolution on the 3rd axis for 60 minutes. During these movements, the wearer is able to check and see on the minutes as they progress as time goes by. Above the intricate movement lies a sapphire crystal dome and a cover. The basics of this watch are the jumping hour indicators upon a gorgeous palladium and gold case.

What makes this piece even more interesting is the way Thomas Prescher managed to put together, through intricately exquisite manufacture, the Caliber TP 3W6A.3, protected against all sorts of physical shocks that threat the tourbillion movement. The watchmaker, also known as “the Master of tourbillions”, has put together 392 parts and 47 jewels, resulting in a staggeringly intricate core with jumping hours. Even though the triple axis tourbillion regulator is already 3 years old, the maker has made use of a rather simpler version this time.

Everything about this exquisite timepiece is stunning though, from its design to the manufacture and engineering. The most impressive substances closely related to the manufacture of the Nemo Captain Triple Axis Tourbillion must be palladium, sapphire crystal, crocodile skin and gold. The 4N rose gold and palladium 950 case measures 12 mm in depth and 44 mm in width. As for the crowns, they were crafted from exactly the same metal combo. The strap is pretty intricate as well, having been hand crafted from crocodile leather and garnished with palladium and gold clasps.


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