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Take a look at the Washington Park Residence

By Adrian Prisca


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A brand new residence complex is about to be lunched in the United States. With designs meant to preserve the privacy of its future occupants and to ensure dreamlike views, the Washington Park Residence is situated on a high bluff, in a tranquil spot, above Lake Washington and the Cascades.

The location of the park adds to the contrast, also ensured by the combination off thick, thermally insulated concrete walls and large bodies of glass. These form the majority of the street facade. The walls are especially aligned to provide select framed views from west facing rooms, project shadows on the facade, and offer an enjoyable symphony of lights throughout the courtyard, up to the front door.

Stepping into one of the multiple residences, the transparency of the east side becomes clear. Beautifully merging with the waters of Lake Washington, situated approximately 25 meters below, the pool at the east edge of the terrace eliminates any need of railing. The east walls are formed by tall windows, with steel frames, that rise from the floor up to the ceiling. Multiple chimneys, embedded in the walls, anchor the ends of the major rooms.

Each residence consists of a primary living quarters, where the kitchen, a library and a great room can be found. Separated by a glass walled bridge, the sleeping wing is laid on an axis from east to west, on the southern edge of the building site. Forming the entry courts, we can find the garage, with an apartment above it.

Adding to the “green” of the site, the thermally isolated walls help to decrease the fuel consumption of the residence, green roofs ensure that storm water gets to the ground as fast as possible, whilst the materials that can be used for the construction of the residence consist of wood, stone, steel and concrete.

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