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Tangram Audax 130 superyacht looks sweet!

By Adrian Prisca


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The Audax 130 came as an improvement to the old Audax yacht, bringing in technology along with the sporty theme for the ultimate pleasures of sea-cruising. Schopfer Yachts, the producer of the Audax, uses near-to-perfect aero dynamicity, innovative design and a whole lot of soul to create this technological and luxurious marvel.

Thanks to E. Kevin Schopfer’s expertise for interior aesthetics, and also to the Sparkman & Stephens naval architects team, the yacht delights the eye with its streamlined hull, well-rounded corners and muted lines. The lower deck provides access to the 130-foot long yacht’s cabins, open areas, interiors and heads.

The hull also contains water-scooters, which can be drawn out through the lower deck. The lounge and dining spaces, decorated with curved large glass panel windows the let in plenty of sunlight, along with the pilot cockpit area and a huge open sun-bathing area are placed on a deck above the lower deck.

Sport white paint and finish can be viewed all over the yacht. Above, lies the uppermost deck, where one can notice 4 luxury suites. Four guests may reside in here, plus, there are additional rooms for the crew members. A small private balcony can be accessed on this deck as well.

If any boredom shows up, one can get to the back side of the yacht, where they can practice fishing, water sports and snorkeling, on the staircases colored in an impressive sky blue. The yacht is provided with a powerful twin format diesel MTU engine, that may propel the yacht with a speed of 21 knots – as experts consider to be suitable for cruises at sea – , although it can easily put up 30 knots. The fuel tank may comprise of 3710 liters of diesel, to ensure long adventures on the water blue.

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