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My Private Cointreau Coffret looks awesome

By Adrian Prisca


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An exquisite jewelry box is perfect for any woman who wants to stack up her spectacular jewelry in style and now there’s also something like that for men as well. It’s not actually for jewelry, but it’s even more attractive than a jewelry box housing some of your finest drinks in a way everyone will appreciate.

Cointreau and Dita Von Teese have designed this amazing and elegant box which was named as “My Private Cointreau Coffret“. It has several drawers, a nice mirror, powdered colors, delicate silks and a hidden compartment in the back, just like any other stunning jewelry boxes.

It comes with a bottle of Cointreau, two cocktail glasses and a shaker as well and set inside the box there’s a glamorous photo of Dita von Teese lined up with pink to give it a retro 50s look. This stylish box for your fine spirits will be released in a limited run and will be priced at just 190 GBP or about $265.


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