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Supreme and RIMOWA Join Forces for a Special Collection

By Victor Baker


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Supreme RIMOWA

German luggage manufacturer RIMOWA and the cultish street-wear brand Supreme have recently joined hands to design and create a few custom versions of the acclaimed Topas Multiwheel suitcases. This special collection includes 45L or 82L carry-ons, each of them featuring an aluminum body with Multiwheel rolling wheels, TSA combination locks and 2 internal Flex-Divider systems.

Made exclusively for Supreme, these suitcases will be available only in red and black, with a big “Supreme” gracing the carry-ons in white. Pricing details reveal that the Topas Multiwheel 45L Supreme could be yours for $1,600, while the larger Topas Multiwheel 82L Supreme will cost you $1,800.

Supreme RIMOWA

The RIMOWA design is unmistakable, and thanks to an innovative approach and exceptional quality the brand became one of the world’s best luggage manufacturers. Their impressive Multiwheel system helps you turn and rotate even heavy cases in any direction effortlessly and a few years ago the German brand has also added innovative TSA-approved locks to their luggage pieces.

Traditional aluminum cases or light luggage pieces made of a high-tech material polycarbonate will keep your precious belongings safe and sound on your next trip, and if you’re also a big fan of the Supreme brand, these might be luggage carry-ons you’ve always wanted.

Supreme RIMOWA

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