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Bulgari’s new High Jewerly Collection is called Festa

Bulgari Festa

Bulgari’s new high jewelry collection takes the world by storm with more than 100 statement pieces and high-end watches, each of them specially designed to celebrate old world glitz and glam and the art of pure happiness of some of Italy’s most iconic festas, like the legendary Venice Carnival or the historical Regatta.

Called Festa, this spectacular collection aims to express the unique attitude and the special Italian style that was transmitted through the centuries from one generation to another. The collection has three different inspirations, called Festa Italiana, Festa Dell’infanzia, and Festa Delle Principesse, and the results are absolutely stunning.

Bulgari Festa

It would be difficult and possibly overwhelming to talk about each piece of this collection, although we will be mentioning a few. The Festa Delle principesse necklace was inspired by Princess Paolina Borghese Bonaparte, who was famous for her sense of fashion and her numerous love affairs.

Those of you curious about history will remember that her brother, the great Napoleon Bonaparte, gifted her a magnificent Tiara for her marriage, that’s celebrated by this modern Bulgari masterpiece.

Another beautiful necklace from this collection is dedicated to Margherita di Savoia, the Queen of Fashion back in 19th century, a beautiful piece that comes embellished with precious gemstones like sapphires, South sea pearls, emerald beads and diamonds.

On the other hand, the eye catching Festa dell’infanzia necklace comes in rose gold with 25 yellow-green chalcedonies, 38 diamonds and pavé set diamonds. There is something for any taste and anyone to enjoy.

Bulgari Festa


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