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Superb Fairmont Pacific Rim apartment

By Brian Pho


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This stunning penthouse is a gorgeous place all by itself, but what makes it special is in fact the setting. Found in Vancouver, Canada, and provided with the most fabulous views imaginable, the apartment is currently listed for $21 million. There’s also a fully available virtual tridimensional tour on See Virtual 360 for those keen on finding out more.

It’s a beautiful residence this Fairmont Pacific Rim penthouse, with a gorgeous display of playful colors alongside a high degree of brightness. Perfect for those with sophistication in their character, this Oriental-colored apartment combines greatly with the outer panoramas, over the bay and the peaks. A private terrace opens sleekly towards the bay, the perfect spot to wake up with a cigar in your right hand and an espresso in your left.

In terms of accommodation, the Fairmont Pacific Rim apartment comprises three bedrooms and four bathrooms, garnished with captivating décors. There are soft carpets throughout, the coziest of furniture, exquisite velvet-like materials, but the most stunning of them all is the fantastic game of lime green, purple, gold, silver and yellow tones so noticeable throughout. And it even manages to avoid clichés.


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