Spa House is an amazing modern home from South Africa

South Africa continuously keeps reminding us that Africa is fully able to impress and amaze us with its marvels. Apart from the unique natural setting and wildlife, there are also residences that make us want to live among the stunning landscapes. Such example is this wonderful house, called the Spa House, located in Hout Bay – a coastal suburb of Cape Town.

Designed and completed by Metropolis Design, it’s a multi-functional building, featuring all sorts of recreational, spa and residential means connected to a larger estate, all these gorgeously integrated within a mountainous setting. The designers declared that the property was penned down as “a hovering set of elements, suspended over a large waterscape”.

They also pointed out that the floor panels were arranged is such a way that they contrast with the water, while the spa is built underwater and offers views of the pool’s depths, adding to the property’s dose of mystery and tranquility.

Structurally, the building comprises an amount of sculptural shapes forming a “dynamic composition”. Concrete has its place as well, being used for the incorporated pools, relaxation rooms and guest accommodation. The main base of the structure is made of steel, “clad in afromosia shiplap boards on timber studwork”.

The stunning looks of this estate make us think of the extravagance that life can offer, but few of us afford. We adore this type of projects and we’re waiting for more ideas regarding it.