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The MWE Emperor 200 is the perfect gaming station

By Adrian Prisca


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Although many would totally reject the ideas of giving your offspring gifts related to computer gaming or IT sciences, we think they present stronger advantages than their disadvantages. And what could be better than presenting your beloved kid a gaming console from the market at the corner of your street?

We know! – The MWE Emperor 200 workstation. It’s a blast, both a gaming station and a miniature cinema. It’s quite a good way to keep your kid away from your expensive in-home decorations or antique furnishing, plus, it’s also better than risking injuries outside.

Well, putting jokes aside, outside recreation is necessary, no matter what, but we still have a strong argument for the statement before the “outside” discussion. This gaming paradise keeps the young one’s adrenaline at high levels, while keeping him cozy and quiet. The set comes with an ergonomic leather armchair, motorized screen and chair adjustments,

THX-technology surround sound system, LED lighting that doesn’t harm vision, air-filter for smokers and three mother-of-all displays 24”-ers. The price for such a device is pretty high – $45,000, but it can be equivalent to a whole set of expensive desk-and-alike furniture. If you can afford such a piece, enjoy! If not, please don’t spite us. We’re poor.


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