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Project Odyssey Represents The Dark Side Of Bandit9

By Victor Baker


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Bandit9 Project Odyssey

The brilliant team behind Bandit9 has just unveiled its most luxurious bike yet, a two-wheel wonder called Project Odyssey, that could easily take your breath away. Inspired by the powerful might of a bison, this blacked-out beast oozes power and dominance, and if you ask us, it’s just as menacing as Darth Vader.

Benefitting from 72 ponies and a 904L steel chassis, the bespoke motorcycle has also been equipped with a comfortable seat covered in Italian leather. On the performance side, we should mention that most of the components on this bike have been machined with precision from aeronautic materials to make for this motorcycle extremely light and efficient.

Unparalleled craftsmanship, discreet technology and numerous luxury touches make this bike a real treat for our eyes, but there are many other interesting surprises that you’ll discover only upon a closer look.

Bandit9 Project Odyssey

For instance, a see-through LED display is projected from below the tank, which will turn off the instant the rider gets off the bike. There’s no doubt this project has a futuristic vibe about itself, especially with that sci-fi silhouette, while the 50mm Marzocchi forks – forged in lightweight anodized aluminum – will make any ride an enjoyable journey.

Returning to those 72 ponies, I have to say I was expecting a bit more; but the aluminum Beringer master cylinders have been specially developed to respond even faster when you push the throttle, so the bike should definitely be all kinds of exciting. Would you park this thing in your driveway?

Bandit9 Project Odyssey

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