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The pandoretta° Wireless Speaker is a High-Tech Masterpiece

By Brody Patterson


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With so many tech brands out there, it’s not enough to just have a great product anymore – to be successful, you have to make something that really stands out. And sometimes aesthetics can be just as important as technical specs. Austrian company Poet Audio, for instance, is turning heads with an intriguing new wireless sound system called pandoretta°, which we’d think was some sort of piece of modern art, if we didn’t know it was a hi-tech piece of equipment.

The 360-degree system features seven speakers and a 170-watt amplifier which delivers high quality sound which can be streamed from your computer or mobile device. Offering lossless aptX apt-X Bluetooth technology, it works with Apple Airplay, but also has two hidden analogical inputs allowing the user to it up directly to a TV.

Very impressive from a technical standpoint, pandoretta° is quite alluring visually as well. Its exterior case is made from brushed stainless steel with circular cut-outs, with wood chambers protecting the wiring inside. To really capture this gadget’s artistic qualities, place the pandoretta° on a wooden pedestal, which is available for an extra cost (€2,820, or $3,210 for the nut version, and €1,990, or about $2,270 for the solid oak). The pandoretta° wireless speaker itself, on the other hand, comes with a price tag of €3,490 (about $3,975).

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