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Most Expensive penthouse in San Francisco sells for $28 Million

By Adrian Prisca


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The prices for apartments have these days reached mind-boggling numbers. This luxury condominium in San Francisco for example got recently sold for $28 million, they highest price ever paid for an apartment in the city. The condo was put on sale during 2008, for a staggering $70 million, but the price had to be lowered due to the fact that nobody was willing to pay that fortune for it.

It’s situated on the top floor of San Francisco’s St. Regis Hotel and takes up two stories. The total surface covered by the condominium measures 20,000 sq ft. It actually represents the fuse between three different apartments, this renovation costing a whopping more than double the sale price.

Even experts say that finding such a residence in San Francisco is a tough challenge itself, given the fact that it covers the top premium class. The condominium offers a breathtaking view over the city’s skyline and part of the bay area. The ceilings are 22-ft high, while the entrance foyer has a 2-storey waterfall mechanism that makes the whole space seem a lot bigger.

The balconies are backed by huge glass walls and cover an area of approximately 3,000 sq ft. The ceilings, closets and flooring are festooned with veneered-woodwork assuring a high level of luxury and a superb feeling of coziness. The master suite is the top of them all, itself covering a surface of 2,500 sq ft. It’s closely knit to the gym, steam-room and sauna.

There’s also a feel of vintage and classic to be felt courtesy of four well-placed fireplaces that function both as heating-source and gorgeous decorations. Furthermore, there’s an overwhelming sense of minimalism all over the condominium, through a contemporary design and simple, modern decorations. The three main colors that can define it are white, brown and grey.

The apartment features 6 vast bedrooms, 12 bathrooms, home-theater space, library, living room, foyer areas and a gorgeous patio. The suite can both serve as a perfect gathering place for parties and alike, or simply as a private location, where you can wear off all the negative energies accumulated throughout the day.

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