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Gresso unveils the luxurious Avantgarde Grand Premiere phone

By Adrian Prisca


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You’re not such a technology-fan but would like to own something that’s both exquisite and beautiful, in the form of a gadget? Gresso has something in store for you – their new special edition Avantgarde Grand Premiere phone. It’s a phone like no other. The side panels, rear cover and buttons are covered in gold, allowing for that “haute technology” feel.

The phone features two main tones: the smoothly finished yellow-gold that covers parts of the phone and black polished paneling. Other eye-catching additions are numerous black sapphires and the barely noticeable transparent sapphire crystal on the cover. The buttons come encased with gems and are thoroughly polished and finished, to ensure the continuous flow of luxury.

Gresso went on with their traditional state-of-the-art technology and limited this phone’s thickness to 12mm, while it weighs only 150g. This offers great ergonomics and a touch of modern style. The phone has a quite-bad part as well: its operating system. It runs on Symbion 40 series, which is, according to today’s standards, passé.

Gresso is one of the few phone manufacturers that still go on using it. Given the facts that it costs $50,000 and will come in a limited edition of 30 pieces, this gadget is great to wear during official hang-outs and formal meetings. It may as well be a gorgeous gift, knowing that Christmas is near.


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