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Montegrappa’s Cigar Pen Blends the Best of Both Worlds

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Montegrappa Cigar Pen

Let’s ignore anti-smoking campaigns for the next couple of minutes and remember that enjoying a fine cigar has always been considered a glamorous activity. That’s why it should not come as a surprise that cigar connoisseurs from all over the world are always on the lookout for divine tobacco creations, something that this pen is obviously not but.. it’s equally appealing!

You see, Montegrappa has refreshed the traditional cigar by designing a novel writing instrument which blends the best of both worlds. 20 years after the brand introduced its first cigar collection, the Cigar Pen – a luxe writing instrument – was designed to look just like its inspiration. Showing off a light brown hue and pearlized streaks and featuring a pocket clip, this thing is quite similar in size to the “Laguito n.2” cigars.

Montegrappa Cigar Pen

The pen’s rounded tip and fully operational puncher bring it even closer to an actual cigar, allowing us to appreciate this bespoke Montegrappa creation for more reasons than one. The exquisite Cigar Pen before you features an 18k gold nib, with buyers also having the option to choose between Sterling Silver or 18k Gold trims in the fountain pen or rollerball versions.

If you’re still not impressed right now, please note that Monegrappa‘s creation comes wrapped in a special tobacco leaf packaging, that will surely make every cigar aficionado smile. Do you want one?

Montegrappa Cigar Pen

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