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Tasmania’s Stunning Islington Hotel is the place to be

By Victor Baker


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Islington Hotel

Completed back in 1847 and showing off a charming Regency style, the Islington Hotel is an eclectic Tasmanian guesthouse that has been fully restored to its former glory and upgraded to face the challenge of catering to 21st century guests. Found in the city of Hobart, this magnificent boutique property has been furnished with antiques and amazing artworks, with serene views of Mount Wellington and the hotel’s beautiful gardens complementing this unique atmosphere and making you love this place even more.

Sadly, there are only 11 rooms on offer, each of them displaying sumptuous fabrics, modern luxuries and comfortable Islington Angel Beds, but if you plan your trip in advance, you will surely find an opening. Outside, the renowned garden landscaper Andrew Pfeiffer worked his magic to create a unique environment, with the hotel’s grounds featuring a 100-year-old willow tree, as well as a French herbal garden that helps the chef out every time dinner time approaches.

Islington Hotel

What would you rather do, enjoy the sun’s warm rays by the pond or relax in front of the wood-burning fireplace in the glass-roofed pavilion? Mountain views are always a welcomed bonus and once the sun goes up, guests may rest assured that a home-cooked breakfast will be waiting for them on the sideboard.

When the evening comes, complimentary cocktails and canapés may be enjoyed in an enchanting space, featuring Georgian antiques, alongside contemporary paintings. And since you’re just a few minutes away from the center of Hobart, you will always have time to discover this unique corner of the world.

Islington Hotel

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