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Luxury Estate Villa dei Satiri Could Be Yours For €19,000,000

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Located near a romantic small village from Tuscany, at approximately 15 minutes from Lucca, Italy, Villa dei Satiri is one of the most incredible properties in the area, a majestic old castle, boasting a stunning 5491 m2 / 59105 Sq Ft. of living space and over 12 hectares of land.

Over half an hour away from Pisa (47 km), Florence (65 km) and Lake Massaciuccoli (40 km), this historic place looks like it’s coming right out of an incredible fairytale. Back in 1366, an important Florentine family bought the fortress where the villa now stands, making it into a prestigious private residence. Now, the complex that stands before you is up for sale, for an incredible sum of €19,000,000.

That kind of money will get you the luxurious villa, built on the ruins of the original fortress. The living area is spread over four levels, reachable via a monumental double flight of steps, while a large central entrance door leads to the entrance steps, to the porch and to the internal courtyard facing the Summer House (Palazzina d’Estate).

The Summer House is about 624 sqm large, located to the north of the villa. Work of architect Diodati, this place has a roof terrace on top, enclosed by balustrades and featuring cool mosaic finishes. Your money will also be buying the house known as “la Fattoria” (the Farm), which is spread over three levels and that features an internal porticoed courtyard as well as a small private garden.

There’s also a restaurant, a renovated building, the “Bagnetti” (Baths) and the House of Butterflies. The latter is a stunning glass butterfly house of 411 sqm, which reproduces a tropical environment suitable for butterflies to live in and in which several species can be admired.

You should also know that the main villa has been partially renovated, and although it still needs some work, its charm and the original materials have remained intact. The same goes for the interiors and adjacent buildings and areas. The marvelous park and gardens next to the main villa have been created in 1652, boasting a symmetrical Italian-style design in the lower area, adorned by statues and waterfalls with water features.

The complex includes additional land, measuring about 12 hectares in total, with woods and even a small, productive olive grove containing 70 olive trees. Villa dei Satiri is one of the most spectacular examples of historic Tuscan architecture. The atmosphere here can easily impress anyone with the authenticity of the layout, details and materials.

It is worth mentioning that the villa has hosted famous personalities, such as Ferdinand of Austria, Anna de’ Medici and Napoleon Bonaparte. One of the most famous novels of the time was written inside the villa and is well known all over the world. Ideal for both a secluded and relaxing place to spend your summer day, as well as for hosting high-level events, this villa could very well be the bargain of the summer. Interested?


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