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Louis Vuitton’s Spring/Summer 2013 bag collection

By Adrian Prisca


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Well, some light is starting to come up after this long and blistering winter. And Louis Vuitton is closely following it with a brand new set to celebrate the coming of summer. The Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2013 Signature Damier Bags Collection is here to bling you up en vogue.

The manufacturer of exquisite bags and containers has used an interestingly warm palette of neon and classy colors, oranges and yellows, bestowing a fresh perspective to the entirety of the iconic Damier pattern. Far from the usual style of Louis Vuitton, with narrow, straight lines, this particular limited edition series comes with rather bold and crisp designs.

Much of the collection was inspired by conceptual artist Daniel Buren and his Les Deux Plateaux, an artwork with inclusions of flat flaps upon rectangular shapes. Furthermore, the usual Speedy was redesigned in cubic shape. The collection comprises tote bags, messenger bags, small carriers and backpacks, all fit to match all possible tastes. Let’s just focus on the top five bags from the collection:

The Speedy Cube Bag was redesigned with the Damier Cubic tri-dimensional flocked effect. It is available in green, brown and gray, each of the versions being priced at $2,860.

Similarly to the fabled men’s Damier Infini range of bags, the Damier Facette Collection boasts with glittery calf leather embossed with the Damier pattern. The piece costs $1,750 and it’s available in Yellow of Crème.

We also like the Damier Mosaic, which takes your imagination back to times when graphic cubes were en vogue. This bag sports such cubes on the plain calf leather flap, alongside a Toron twisted metallic handle with silk lining. This particular example is available in Yellow or Brown, priced at $2,850 per unit.

Featuring the smallest sequins ever used by Louis Vuitton, hereby conferring a festive, feminine appearance, we’re presenting the Damier Optic Mesh. It costs $2,860, in either yellow or brown.

The last of the set, as far as we know, is the Louis Vuitton Les Extraordinaires Enveloppe Clutch, a state of the art reminder of the previous Les Extraordinaires collection. It boasts with a strict checkerboard pattern covered with fragile crystal glass squares. The brand can provide additional info upon request.


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